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Users’ Approval for Registration

Before browsing our website your agreement with us regarding usage terms and conditions is valuable. When the user logs into the website, they shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their name and password.

If the user provides us incomplete data then by these terms of use policies, we have the right to block access to user membership and refuse to give access to their account for this website. When the user is eligible for the use of membership they get notified personally via electronic communication like email.

If customers find our services that are not beneficial for them, they can stop to proceed. If your approval is not there, we will not be able to fulfil your legal queries, and keeping updated on our terms and conditions is your responsibility to comply with them.

Product Detail

We do not provide any product description on this website that is irrelevant. We are not liable for any special indirect damages with these terms of use, even before the user informed us about the product damage.

Data Sharing

While the user logs into our website or sends their data via email, you must agree that you are sharing your data with us through electronic records. Then we can respond to you via email or any other mode of electronic communication. User all personal data has been electronically recorded in terms of information technology.

Online Transaction Gateway

The Warmthbin website is a platform where users meet with more different transaction methods. All the terms are agreed between the user and the owner without limitation in price, payment term, and mode of delivery. While ordering your product you have to face unavailability issues like stock availability and in the transaction gateway, we will do our best, in that case, to make it easy.

Product Advertisement

Warmthbin has no control over third-party use for advertisements all text, graphics and visual interfaces are third-party user product advertisements, as warmthbin works as a mediator for the terms of use purpose.
Users are only responsible for any messages, emails, photos, and other materials posted to the website. By applicable law, do not make warranties related to any content documents.

Selling Cost

Users are allowed to list items for sale as registered sellers on the website with some policies that combine references in terms of use. Users have authority and it is legal to sell the product you listed on our website. The cost of the product may vary. However, we do not guarantee the same price for each product and each time ordered.

Privacy Policy

All the personal data provided by the user is properly safe and secure. we keep records of all data on our database server and the website is encrypted. We provide account access that only users can able to access it. Unauthorized use of a user account may result in a formal warning that can lead to disciplinary action.


Buyer and owner shall follow all the applicable laws for using payment facilities. All credit or debit cards are processed using the appropriate payment system and are also governed
by the terms and conditions between the customer and payment bank issues.
We ensure the payment safety and transaction price. We accept cash on delivery as well and refund if any concerns. Refunds shall be complete with buyers following some policies.

Replacement Guarantee

Within 30 days replacement guarantee we are offering if any defect is found or buyers have been frauded on the websites. Notify us if any defects in the products and the buyer can also ask for the replacement of the product within 30 days. If products with original accessories missing then products shall not be eligible for return.

Contact information

By legal policies, if you have any queries or concerns with your order product, you are free to send us an email and communicate with us on the same email ID