We (Warmthbin) acknowledge and maintain your privacy, importance, and trust in us. In Privacy and Policy, we will collect your information from our website and use this data to improve our website policy only. Your data will help us to determine your opinion and it will not be shared on other websites.

Why Do We Collect Your Data?

We collect your basic information such as Name, Phone Number, Address, Email, Billing details, etc. You do not need to share your personal data like ATM cash, Credit Card details, Documents, etc. With your data, we will contact you if you have any issues regarding our products or items and also use your basic information on what item you have purchased and what issue is coming in the item.


When you register through our website, your account is created in our database. We will verify or inquire about the information that helps us to block malicious persons from the website. When you order next time, you do not need to share data again, we will send your order through our database which saves time.


When you register on our website, we create cookies that are stored on your local computer. Cookies help to modify or improve your experience like online shopping or other activities. By Cookies, you are directly redirected to our website and you do not enter the login information again because cookies save your information, you just need to order according to your requirements.


When you share your personal information through the website, your data will be saved from hackers because our website is secured through the HTTPS protocol. HTTPS protocol encrypts your data that are stored in our database and when you try to access your data, we will vary you through the authentication process.

Changes in policy

We use your data to improve our privacy and policy. If we change our policies then we will send you all updated policy information on time.

Cancellation Policy

When you purchase through our website and want to cancel your order after some time then our cancellation policy helps you. You have the right to cancel your order if you are not satisfied with your order, the order cancellation is only acceptable within 7 days and your money is refundable but after a time period, money is not refundable.

User Rights

If you want to delete your account or personal data from the database, then you can request the host through our website, and your data will be erased from our database after your authentication.

Review Policy

You can share your feedback and experience. Your feedback helps new customers visit our website and get benefits or discounts on medicines.


You can contact us any time through our website at contact@warmthbin.com or visit our website for a contact number, our staff will be available for your service.